A Study on the Effects of Global Warming in Bangladesh

  • Fahim Elahi


Global warming turns out to be the biggest challenge to the mankind in the near future. It is not a problem to write only theories and do research on; it is a problem which humankind must face unless proactive measures are taken immediately. Global warming causes the climate to change including the rise of sea-level. Recently, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), in its Fifth Assessment Report, has suggested a 1.5 mm sea-level rise per year for Bangladesh. As a developing country, where around half of the total population is below the poverty line, Bangladesh is going to be one of the worst sufferers of this due to its disaster prone and low elevation geography. This paper will explore the impacts of global warming on Bangladesh. Preparation of Bangladesh to face the adverse effects of global warming will also be presented. At the end of the paper, few recommendations for reducing the carbon emission have been suggested.